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Chemical Solutions

Our solutions range from sourcing critical raw materials and ingredients, logistic support, material processing, supply chain readiness as well as an industry technology resource for custom blending to product development.


The combined expertise in strategic sourcing has enabled us to build a strong alliance of reputable manufacturers, especially in emerging specialized markets such as lithium, magnesium and silica based technologies. Through these long-standing relationships, we are able to source hard-to-find specialty chemicals, ingredients and additives for the latest innovative applications and trends. We are unique as many of our core raw materials are vertically integrated as feedstocks used in producing many of the specialty performance materials in our portfolio provide .

Established, supplier relationships
Trading offices in countries or origin to qualify materials
More cost-effective raw material pricing
Strategic alternate chemical sources
Experience in securing supply agreements, off takes and production allocations.

Importing / Exporting

Expertise in importing / exporting materials goes far beyond moving materials from one
dock to the next, it requires the “know-how” and the “how” of doing it. As global trade
experts, we are experienced in materials, procedures and regulations, offering a truly
integrated supply structure across a wide network of producers ( Asia Pacific, Oceania
Middle East and Europe).

Take over the responsibility of shipping various types of chemicals (including hazmat)
Coordination and timely export of shipments
Managing the administrative burden of import rules and regulations.
Extensive experience with CBP procedures
Firm knowledge of FDA, EPA, DEA requirements
Strict compliance with hazmat DOT regulations

Bulk Terminals, Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics

From break bulk, silos, tankers, containers to less-than truckloads quantities, we aim to fulfill our customers’ needs no matter the circumstances. We offer complete intermodal logistics support for direct container deliveries from seaport or rail head, as well as local distribution from warehouses in proximity to our customers.

Bulk packaging (drums, totes, ISO tanks, etc.)
FCL deliveries from port or LTL from warehouse
Intermodal freight options via truck, rail or air.

Inventory Readiness / Stocking Points

We work with our customers, keeping an array of specialty materials with
on-the-ground (OTG) ready stock that fills the gap between direct drops.
This allows us to offer customers the potential for consolidating material
from regional locations in the United States. We strive to maintain speed,
efficiency and continuity of supply of critical materials by ensuring quick
turnarounds and off-the-shelf deliveries as for when you need it with key
regional warehouses strategically located across the country.

Bulk Terminals • Houston, TX

Warehousing / Storage • Chicago, IL • Los Angeles, CA • Tampa, FL • Miami, FL • Salt Lake City UT • Philadelphia , PA

Tolling / Packaging
Houston, TX, Kansas City, MO. Granville, Ohio.

Custom Services - Mixing, Blending, Formulation and Packaging

We understand that every customer has unique chemical needs, therefore we offer a range of custom services as a collaborative partner and have an entrepreneurial mind-set to help create competitive advantages and cost-savings. Along with our bulk terminals and transloading facilities that transfer bulk materials and repackage, we have also partnered with experienced repacking and blending companies to ensure material quality and consistency throughout North America.

Chemical repackaging and filling
Toll blending / toll manufacturing
Private labeling and branding
Bulk Blending Solutions (converting powder to liquid products for commodities that need conversion for transport - tanker, iso, totes or drums).

Innovation, R&D / New Product Development

We can help advance markets, innovate materials or improve products and processes for our customers through our comprehensive R&D teams and development labs creating tailor-made new products, formulations and breakthrough applications in collaboration with our team of chemists and chemical engineers.

Technology development and collaboration of intellectual properties
Technology assessment, performance / evaluation
Experimental design / proof-of-concept / feasibility testing
Product refinement and improvement
Formulation, customs synthesis, analytical testing
Comparative / testing process scale-up, bench scale experimentation
Field and laboratory design testing
Laboratory services / technical support
Assist in regulatory compliance and preparation of PMNs, TDSs, SDSs and Filing regulatory documents
Specification development

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