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Yes, we’re in the chemical business as our name “chemie” suggests, but we’re not in any sense a traditional distributor or material supplier.

ASG Chemical Holdings, LLC. (ASG CHEMIE) is a raw material trading and a technology holding company for various ventures, patents, and intellectual property. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida with offices in Jacksonville FL, Houston, TX and Sydney Australia AU.


Our expertise runs deep in developing new technologies and identifying strategies to commercialize them with long-standing industry connections and market know-how for lithium, magnesium, potassium, silicon based chemistries.


We are unique as many of our core raw materials are vertical integrated as feedstocks used in producing many of the specialty performance materials in our portfolio.


We are constantly engaged in research and development both in-house and in collaboration with universities, public institutes and private companies creating proprietary and patented technologies with clients with one common goal - to create competitive advantage for our clients.



We work across specific chemical segments of the industry, including basic and intermediate chemicals, polymers, fibers, catalysts, and nano-technologies - all commonly used in paints and coatings, industrial products, and other specialty segments such as, refractories, ceramics, foundries, grease and lubricants, oil /gas, energy, and water-treatment.


We have helped chemical manufacturing companies across the globe gain access to new markets and discover new ways of expanding their business solving raw material challenges - from sourcing, securing production, downstream products to creating break-through innovations and technologies that have changed entire industries in record time, and a score card to prove it.

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