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Markets we serve and an extensive portfolio of technologies and solutions we provide.

Building Construction Materials

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We offer a full range of raw materials and ingredients used in cement,  concrete admixtures, grouts / mortars, repair and patching, plaster, stucco, flooring and infrastructure markets. Products ranging from retarders, accelerators, super-plastizers, alternative cements, pozzolans, latex, silicates, silanes and modifiers and so much more.

Concrete Admixtures

Drymix Mortar

Drywall / Wallboard, Gypsum

Flooring Treatments


Oil & Gas

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Product range consists of raw materials and innovative high-performance solutions for formulating engineered products for drilling and cementing of oil well applications. Unique chemistries  meeting the industry’s increasing demand for efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Ingredients  range from  dispersants / water reducers, retarders, accelerators, fillers, defoamers, cement alternatives, corrosion inhibitors, fluid loss control agents and viscostiy modifiers.

Paint & Coatings


Additives and ingredients for improving the abrasion, gloss, repellency, color performance, bonding strength, thermal properties, rheology and drying properties.Our range of products include silicates, colloidal silicas, silanes, siloxanes, siliconates, silicone performance materials, resins and binders, custom blends / dispersions, fillers, pigments, and more.

Glass, Glazes & Ceramics

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We supply a variety of raw materials to the Glass and Ceramics industries. Product range includes refined clays of various types, lithium salts, pigments, feldspars, silicas, petalite and other various minerals.

Plastics, PVC, Rubber & Foam

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We supply the PVC, plastics, rubbers and foam industries with a variety of specialty resins, fillers, stabilizers, plasticizers, flame retardants, pigments, extenders and other additives. A comprehensive range of grades is available with density, sizing and surface treatment characteristics tailored to specific requirements.

Grease & Lubricant Additives

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We offer a portfolio of specialty raw materials & Ingredients ranging from lithium and molybdenum thickener technologies, polymers, sebacic acid and multi-functional additive packages, for the manufacturing high-performance of greases.


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We offer a wide variety of refractory materials including cements, reactive binders such as colloidal-silica nano-sols, pigments, minerals, fibers and graphite.

Wood Preservation Additives


We offer highly specialized chemicals  to preserve woods from the attack of decay fungi, harmful insects, or marine borers as well as additives for formulating protective and decorative treatments.

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