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METHOD™ Cellulose Ethers are the preferred option in drymix mortar applications. The main function of cellulose ethers are to provide sufficient water retention so the cement can set and develop strength before it dries out. METHOD™ Cellulose Ethers also improve the workability, bonding strength and durability of a wide variety of drymix products including plasters, coatings, self-levelling compounds and putties. Cellulose ethers are commonly used in the paint and coatings as additives to improve the performance and properties of paints and coatings, emulsions. Some of the key cellulose ethers used in the paint industry include: Methylcellulose (MC): Methylcellulose is often used in water-based paints as a thickener and rheology modifier. We offer a full line on cellulose ethers (MC, HEC, HPMC) tailored to specific applications offering unique properties water renting and durability. METHOD™ range of cellulose ethers include methyl cellulose (MCs), hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HECs) and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMCs). Cellulose ethers help retain moisture in the gypsum slurry, preventing it from drying out too quickly. In addition, METHOD™ Cellulose Ethers enhance the adhesion of the gypsum plaster to various substrate and modify the rheology to allow for easier mixing, spreading and application.

METHOD™ Cellulose Ethers (MC, HEC, HPMC)

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